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ACSM Northwest Progress in 2014

It has been a great year for the ACSM Northwest, made possible by the contributions several individuals. I would like to take a minute to recognize some milestone accomplishments of our membership.

First, Dr. Vince Nethery hosted an outstanding 2014 Annual Meeting in Wenatchee, WA. Most notably we had record attendance with 413 registered attendees and 80 research abstracts. We greatly appreciate Dr. Nethery's contribution and planning for this successful event.

Second, we recognized Dr. Stasinos Stavrianeas for "Outstanding Service" as he stepped out of the Past President position on our Executive Board. This was not Stas's first award from the ACSM Northwest, as he has served the chapter for well over a decade.

Third, our Executive Board submitted two grant applications to the American College of Sports Medicine. Both applications were successful and the chapter received $1100 in funding for each project with the potential for that amount to be doubled in 2015. The grants were titled "Improving Member Experience and Public Outreach Through Streaming Video" and "Development of a Turnkey Technological Platform for the ACSM Northwest Executive Board". Funding must be spent in 2014, so that will keep our volunteers busy this fall.

Next, we have Dr. Dan Heil coming in for a victory lap as conference director for the 2015 Annual Meeting in Bend, OR this February 27th and 28th. Dan met with an All-Star group of volunteers and discussions included collaboration with the American Physiological Society. Updates will be available soon, but I can say that I spoke with Steven Blair and he is excited to come visit us as a speaker in Bend, OR. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated on this event.

Looking forward, Dr. Eli Lankford has developed what looks to be a landmark collaborative effort. The ACSM Northwest will host a joint conference with the Alaska Regional Chapter of the ACSM in Tacoma, WA in 2016. Eli and Dr. Harry Papadopoulos will act as co-directors for this exciting new collaborative effort. I just hope our friends from the North will bring us down some great smoked salmon.

There are always a number of initiatives under way and our Executive Board members want to hear from our members about what is important to you and how we can be the best regional organization for your professional development. I invite you to share any thoughts or suggestions during my term as President. 



Stephen B. Conant

President ACSM Northwest


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